What is RHYTHM?

RHYTHM Academy was originally created by Natoia Franklin and Kristy Nixon in 2016 at a small coffee shop in Zion, IL.  It was there that the idea was conceived and since then it has developed into something bigger than we ever imagined! While RHYTHM Academy focuses on girls ages 9-15, RHYTHM Jr. focuses on girls ages 5-8.  

Reaching Hearts of Youth Through Health and Movement (RHYTHM) is a dance empowerment program that targets the SEL competencies.  We teach stress management through mind/body exercises as well as promote the development of social/emotional strength within. Every class includes dance routines, a built in segment focusing on empowering girls by boosting self-esteem and confidence, and end with a meditative cool down.  


Mission Statement: Our mission is to use dance and other activities to build confidence, self- awareness, social emotional skills, and boldness in the lives of young adolescent and teenage girls. 


Core Values 

  • Respect for all 

  • Live Honest Lives

  • Have Empathy for Others

  • Be the Best Version of You

  • Practice Self Care



  • Teach fun and engaging dance routines to girls and adolescents

  • Provide fun and effective cardio workouts for the youth

  • Empower girls with tools to overcome stress and mental illness

  • Build self-esteem and confidence

  • Teach perseverance and other vital character traits

  • Teach how to eat nutritiously through having a balanced diet

  • Empower parents with tips and strategies to enhance the development of their children



RHYHM Coaches in Lake County, Illinois

RHYTHM Coaches in Zion, IL

Our coaches are dedicated to improving the lives of girls in their community.  

RHYTHM Master Coach, Toia Franklin

Coach Toia Franklin

Coach Toia Franklin has been serving her community for 12 years by educating, inspiring, and empowering youth.  

RHYTHM at AJK.jpeg

Role Models

Our coaches are role models for the young ladies they serve.